A Caring Mother Ended Up Setting A “Self-Pleasuring” Station For Her Teenage Son Unintentionally

Mothers are always concerned about their kids, there is no way a mother won’t listen to your issues. This mom just wanted to make life easier for her son but ended up giving him a masturbation kit.


What is the solution for runny nose?


What may be the solution for dry skin?

Heaps of cream?

That is what this mother tried to do but this generation can’t think beyond masturbation when they hear tissues and creams together.

A sweet gesture of mother, which she proudly showed off on Facebook is no more sweet. Why? Well, because people ruined it for her.

A picture of ‘relaxation station’ made people laugh. The mother did not intend to be witty as her caption suggests:

“I love this hack! I just bought a Kmart soap dispenser and bathroom tray (show on Kmart bedside table) to use as my teenage son’s relaxation station.

He likes to watch internet TV in bed and he has a chronic runny nose (tissue for days – I think it’s the aircon!), and he had problems with dry skin and goes through heaps of hand cream.”


It didn’t take people time to misinterpret it as a ‘self-pleasuring station’ and comments came pouring in.

One user commented, “What an amazing idea to disguise the self-pleasuring station.”
Another one was just trying to make the mother aware by saying, “Oh goodness, that ain’t snot in the tissue babe.”

There were mothers who found this an interesting concept and wanted to apply it in the future.

Well, whether it is a runny nose or a runny sausage, everything is natural and needs tissues. Why not just take it as a daily thing and not make it a taboo.