A Girl Who Became Pregnant At 13, Took Her Two Year Old Daughter To Prom

The society and its norms can never stop giving its “uninvited” judgments on any matter, whatsoever. Some people give in and start feeling let down because of this while some retaliate. This girl chose the latter and took her two-year-old daughter to prom and proved everyone wrong who told her that she has ruined her life by getting pregnant at 13.


Kayleigh Snaith is a teenager, who got pregnant at a young of 13 and received negative comments from her classmates and others who started considering her ‘filthy’ and told her that she has ruined her life by committing a sin as big as this.

This young girl hid her pregnancy from her parents for about six months, fearing, of how they might react. But luckily, Kayleigh’s stars were in her favor and her parents supported her.

In an interview, Kayleigh explains how scared she was in disclosing about her pregnancy: “When I started feeling sudden movements in my stomach, I was terrified of telling this to my parents. I was worried they would kick me out or make me get rid of that baby; I couldn’t focus on anything else. I decided to tell everything to my mum about what’s going on, but I was so scared.”

Her mother was really shocked but still supported her and allowed her to keep the child.
Now 16, Kayleigh has managed to prove everybody wrong by finishing her secondary school and thereby celebrating her achievement by taking her daughter Harley to prom with her.

The mother and daughter duo dressed up for prom together, and Kayleigh bought a white lace dress for Harley. Unfortunately, Harley couldn’t go for the prom, but the mother and daughter went to the after-party together.

In her determination to give her daughter a good life, she completed seven GCSEs and got support from her parents for raising her daughter. Kayleigh, hoping for a bright future for her daughter, said: “I hope she grows up knowing that she deserves the best and never to settle for anything less. I wanted to show everyone who thought I would never make it through school being a young mother. But here I am, celebrating on finishing school with my daughter.”

Kayleigh’s mother, Sharon expressed her joy on how proud she was of her daughter for proving people wrong: “She is very determined and she has proved everyone wrong.”

Kayleigh admitted that it was not an easy task, but her daughter’s dependency on her stimulated her to study even harder. She used to sit and cry because she was worried that she would fail but Harley inspired her to keep going.

Kayleigh shared some pictures of her daughter to encourage young mums of her age to continue to work hard and realize that getting pregnant is not the end of this world and it’s important to work hard to achieve everything.