A Trouble Making Kid On Subway Wasn’t Willing To Move His Legs, So This Smart Guy Sat On Him

What can be more bothersome than the fact when someone in a subway is blocking the seat and not giving space to anyone to sit? Sounds irritating. And there is one “living legend” who did exactly the same. He’s not some old man, but a mischievous little devil. It was rather hilarious the way in which he got the taste of his own medicine!


An inconsiderate kid lying down on a subway seat was totally engrossed in checking his cell phone and was unwilling to move but his mischievousness couldn’t last for long as he got a rude awakening from a passenger who completely lost his temper.

Anywhere around the globe, if we ask any commuter who’s used to this never ending cycle of getting on and off of trains and buses, have way more stories to tell than anyone else about rude passengers who clearly don’t care about anyone other than themselves.

It’s not worth it to waste our time and energy to start a fight with someone who clearly doesn’t care about offering a seat to someone who’s standing but what if we encounter a person just like the little antagonist of this story who made the subway seat his bed?

Undoubtedly, a story is incomplete without its protagonist and the protagonist of this story was this ‘unsung hero’ who made space for himself by sitting on the legs of that kid. Well, this kid might not be expecting this to happen as he might have thought that there was no one who could stand up to him.

His mother (assumed based on the pictures), was sitting to his left, was lost in her own world, unaware of her surroundings. Maybe she was trying to ignore everything or was embarrassed to say that she was the mother of an inconsiderate kid.

It looks like the boy wasn’t given enough lessons on good manners but thanks to this man who sat on him. He managed to teach him a lesson which he will surely not forget. Not even a book could teach him what this man taught him! The boy’s surprised and guilty expression surely did a justice to all. The mortified look on his face in the viral video says it all.


There were mixed opinions about the way that man taught this kid a lesson and many of them questioned the legality of a grown man sitting on a child’s legs while they were riding the subway and some of them called it “assault”. While some were partial towards this matter: that it was the only way to deal with such a troublemaker.

It’s difficult to judge whether what that man did was right or wrong like should he have used some other way to get the seat and what he did was rather rude?