A Woman Resorted To A Kind Note In Response To Neighbor’s Loud Late Night Party

Loud late night parties have often confronted the next door people. They have resulted in scuffles and heated arguments in many cases. So these happening parties don the crown of being the spoiler. Candice Marie Benbow was too one of their victims. But she resisted an aggressive deal and went ahead on a trail of peace.

Robbed of her night’s sleep, Candice was thinking hard to deal with the ruckus being created next door. Her anonymous neighbor had been partying all night with banging music. The idea of going over to his place at that odd hour of the night didn’t please her. So she deserted that thought of intrusion. Then her mind preached her to take a tender approach. She decided to write a note of kindness for him to shed light on her issues. Adding a pinch of compassion, she also baked a pound cake to accompany her letter.


After giving final shape to her move, she took a snapshot of the letter and shared the whole matter on her twitter handle. In her letter, she wrote that she had come to expect her neighbor to blast music in the evenings. She also added that she liked the throwbacks he had played but 3 am was just too late to be that loud. Her words gave him a picture of her disturbed state. She explained to him about her states at different points of the night. The idea of the cake popped up around 3:30 am. She realized that she had been taking his feeling into consideration to a great extent. With this, she hoped that he would too take care of her comfort. Then it was the time for the social media people to respond. Praise and comments poured in. People shared her post over 13000 times.

Thankfully, her neighbor- Tommy was also not that bad on his part. Candice met Tommy and had described him as freaking cool. He had apologized for the noise and had also promised to invite her to the next party. Relishing her pound cake, he commented it to be amazing. Her move proved apt as she shared that he had lost his daughter in a car accident. Candice said that she had found grieving for her mother “rough”. At last, she was happy that she did not pour out her anger on the toiling souls.


Peace is the greatest way to put an end to all the tremors set out across humanity. The end of Candice’s trail testifies this fact. As the intentions of the people are often under cover so it is always safe to embrace a kind and prudent approach.