An Infuriated Woman Offered A $5000 Tip Through Her Boyfriend’s Credit Card

The human mind often spins the wheel of revenge whenever things go out of control. People resort to various obnoxious ways to hit back hard at their “culprits”. But a woman named Serina Wolfe crossed the line by offering $5000 tip to the waitress on her boyfriend’s credit card.

It all started when she asked her boyfriend to book a flight ticket to her home- Buffalo (N.Y.). But he denied going by her words. This provoked the 24-year-old woman who was burning all red. She went to Clear Sky Beachside Cafe and had a lavish meal. At last, it was time to foot the bill of $55.37. The woman had a swing of thoughts and saw it as the right time to take her revenge. She added a whopping amount of $5000 as tip for the waitress and added it on her boyfriend’s card. Well, the waitress could not believe her eyes and might have felt out of the world. It would have been a golden day for her.

The woman had tried to make the best of the moment to take blazing revenge from him. On her boyfriend’s part, the man had acted actively to place a hold on his card. He knew that she might try to book her ticket through it before returning it back to him. But it was too late then as she had already made the ‘tip blunder’. He might have identified it as his biggest mistake later on.


Soon he got to know about the shocking transaction. He straight away went to her and asked her about that. She acted perfectly and denied her mingling with his card. He got horrified and tried hard to solve the mystery. At last, he gave up and filed a case of fraud with the Police. He tried to deal with the credit company to get his hard-earned money back. He told them that his girlfriend was either drunk or trying to get back at him. But it all went down the drain as the amount had already been deducted out of his account. Soon the covers over the revenge spree got blown off.

But things could not get sorted now as the matter had got the attention of the Police. She had now been charged with theft. At last, the card came back to the afflicted boyfriend. But he was not sure whether the wealthy waitress would return money back to him. The poor man must have had a hard time convincing her to do the right thing on her part.

The woman tangled her life in a fit of rage. Things could have gone down the smoother way. But she chose the opposite.