Annoyed Wife Puts Up Her Troublesome Husband On eBay For 16 Pounds

It is a stated fact that some habits men have are super infuriating, but most of us find these stupid creatures rather cute in most cases. Their little gestures of love and affection can make us all go ‘awww’ none the less, some of their mannerisms can make any sane person lose their equilibrium, and this is exactly what happened with this lady from Hamburg who goes by the pseudonym Dorte L. She added her husband for a Christmas season sale on eBay offering him to the highest bidder!

The hilarious part is she is so frustrated with him that the bid does not even begin with a very high amount; one can make Mr. Dorte L theirs, for just as cheap as 18 Euros or 16 Pounds, an amount she chose as it represents her lucky number.

Forty year old Dorte mentioned that despite being married for seven years, she has still not been able to connect to her husband and cannot put up with his provoking ways any longer. “We simply do not belong together anymore”, she said.

Her ‘Husband, used’ post with the picture of their Christmas tree offer is addressed to the interested woman to whom she tells that she has come to terms with the fact that the couple does not stand a chance of survival as a duo.


She invited the inquiring group to meet her husband over the boxing day around Christmas and also made clear that she is ready to negotiate the price but there shall be no returns or exchange. The advertisement received many forge responses but none were concrete.

To all these positive reactions and laughter emoticons, Dorte made clear that it was just a little gambado and she had no intentions of being a husband trafficker. In fact her poor husband was totally unaware of her little prank until, the news spread like wild fire.