Best Man Faces Brides’ Wrath For Spoiling Her Wedding Worth 46000 Pounds

By now we all know the dos and don’ts of a wedding. The bar is set high over and over as dumb people continue with their stupidity such as posting pictures even when they’re asked to refrain from doing so. But this one man who got carried away upped the game by proposing to his girlfriend on someone else’s special day.

It is understandable and natural to get emotional at such a day but control is what makes us all humans. Things especially turn sour when something like this comes from the best man himself. Seeking cautious advice the agitated bride went onto pour out her heart.

She writes that it all started normally, the couple met, dated, got pregnant, had a baby, moved in together, and bought a house and a dog. Things were going smooth when friends and family started with their usual ‘get married’ drama.

With a lot of hard work, the couple managed to secure enough finances to organize their dream wedding and her husband’s best friend was requested to be the officiate. ‘It was a beautiful sight, we were all happy especially our families who had no control over their smiling faces’ says she.

The entire atmosphere was engulfed in a bizarre but beautifully emotional moment so much as that the best man John stopped the wedding to reveal his girlfriends’ pregnancy and also go on the knee for her.

And shockingly this did not happen during the reception or any other time but specifically during the couples’ vows which made it impossible for the bride to hear the grooms’ wedding message as the entire focus shifted to John and Jane’s happy sobs and people wishing them.

What added fuel to the fire was the videographer moving the lens away from the couple supposed to be in focus and then things escalated for the worse.

Even during the toast, John could not stop himself from talking about his plans with Jane and again stole the limelight from the bride and groom. And even dared to request the band to play a special tune just for the two of them. The bride mentions that she doesn’t need attention and wouldn’t have minded if all this took place somewhere else but this was her wedding and weeks later she still hasn’t forgiven him.

The groom too has stayed away from his best friend since the wedding and their mutual friends agree on John being wrong. He joked that the best man would only be forgiven after he issues a 40000 pounds check in the name of the groom.

The post has mixed reactions from people accusing the best man to be self-absorbing and ruining their special day to advising the bride to stay calm and not put an end to her husbands’ lifelong friendship. Whatever they decide to do is their personal affair but what do you think? Would you stay calm in such a situation?