Boyfriend Names the Baby Without Informing Mom-to-Be

A mom-to-be was infuriated at her boyfriend when she learned that he had picked a name for their unborn baby without even telling her. Moreover, he went on to tell the name to his friends and family and also shared it on social media.


Deciding on a name involves the interest of both the parents and shall never be chosen by one of them alone. But here a father-to-be didn’t feel the need of the mother while choosing a name for his unborn daughter. Being a great fan of Twilight, he wanted to give her a name based on his interest but the woman completely disagrees with the decision.

She asked for some advice on Reddit. She began by saying that they both are 18 years old and she’s 35 weeks pregnant. Her boyfriend got his inspiration from Twilight for their baby’s name. However, she’s not a fan of it. But the day they found out it’s a girl, her boyfriend has been willing to name her Renesmee and isn’t ready to consider anything different. “He’s a massive Twilight fan, I personally hate it and would much rather that we don’t name our baby after a fictional character,” she added.

But the anger arose higher when weeks after her disagreement, she opens Instagram, only to learn that he has already posted their picture together with a caption: “I can’t wait to meet you Renesmee.” She immediately asked him to either delete the picture or change the caption because the name was yet to be decided. But he refused to do so as all his friends came to know the name “Renesmee.”

She replied that she hadn’t agreed to name her daughter after some stupid made-up character from the worst books ever made. She told to delete the post now or get out of her house. He spent the night at one of his friend’s houses. When the woman’s parents heard about the argument, they asked her to just let him name her daughter as it meant a lot to him and she was being unreasonable.

She also said that she struggled to pronounce the name Renesmee and would rather go with a name she can call properly. Users on Reddit took the woman’s side. A person said that it should always fall into the category of ‘two yeses, one no.’ “He absolutely sucks for the post and trying to use that as leverage to get his way. Be careful about someone who uses such a tactic. Your parents also suck for telling you to just go along with the name,” he said.

He added that she should let her boyfriend sign the birth certificate only in her presence. Someone else replied that both parents have to like the name and also the kid needs to live with it through his/ her entire school life. So, it shall be chosen carefully.