Boyfriend Tries To Sell His Girlfriend On eBay, But The Plan Backfires

Dale Leeks, 34, posted an online advertisement saying that his girlfriend was on sale. The advertisement was rather crude but it quickly backfired on Dale when the bids starting rising. It was actually a prank but Dale never thought that it will backfire on him!

Since it was a prank and about his girlfriend, one could have thought for some flattering comments and details but what the audience got was rather crude. The description was far from flattering. The description said that some of the parts of his girlfriend were not working, she is always whining and when you will have a closer look you will actually the signs of wear.

The description did not end here, there were comments which were indecent such as leakage in the rear end but it could always be plugged and taken care off.

However, the prank escalated when people started clearing their queries with Dale, he received every sort of question from all around the world. There were more than 100 bids and 81,000 views in 24 hours. The bids reached £70,200 in a span of 24 hours. People were asking for a test drive before actually buying his girlfriend, they asked whether the previous owners had the chance for a test drive before actually buying the product.


Though at first, Dale was himself laughing on his prank just after posting the advertisement. His girlfriend inquired about the same and was shocked to find out that he put her on sale, but did not mind much because she was sure that no one would react to such an idiotic advertisement.

But when the the bids increased both of them were shocked. But their party was short-lived as eBay removed the advertisement since it was against their rules. Both of them were curious though whether the prank would have touched a billion or not. Kelly jokingly asked whether Dale would have sold her if he got a good price. He said he would have been heartbroken, but heartbroken in a Ferrari or Lamborghini he won’t mind. Now was that a joke or he was serious you guys have to keep guessing.

Now with that comment and newly reached fame even Kelly said that she would have enjoyed her life better in a penthouse. Well now, the boyfriend surely has to ensure all is good thus, groveling was the last resort.