Cat Owner Dresses Up His Felines In Adorable Cosplay Costumes

All the pet owners would know how exciting it is to dress up your furry friend and watch them roam around in a new outfit. Now, imagine a little cosplay done on cats! Sounds adorable, right? These ‘Cosplay Cats’ are right out of our imagination and their owner could not have done a better job at putting them in such creative costumes!


For most of us, pets are the constant companions that have our back at every moment. We can’t think of a better place to be than sitting right beside our furry friend and embracing them. How relieving!

People have been doing various fun experiments on their pets when it comes to dressing them up. Some prefer regular pet outfits while others try some quirky looks. Freyu, 37, belongs to the latter category as he put his kittens – Fawkes, Nak, and Pike in unique costumes.

These ‘Cosplay Cats’ have taken over the internet with and their Halloween costumes are worth imitating for our next costume party.

Their owner, the ‘Cat Wrangler of Cat Cosplay’, has dressed up these felines as Spiderman, Tolkien’s The Hobbit, and John Constantine. He sews every costume flawlessly and the cats fit in these customized outfits amazingly.

Freyu (who hasn’t revealed his actual name) started this cosplay with his cats by making Nak dress up for Renaissance Faire in Seattle, Washington. After that costume reveal, he received a lot of appreciation for his design and idea. That’s when he decided to make more outfits.

While he put together the costumes for the felines, his fiancée prepared relevant backdrops for some adorable photoshoots.

Freyu shared, “The longest I’ve spent on one outfit was about 200 hours. At the start I had to design all the patterns, and sometimes you have to scrap things and start over from scratch. We’ve done over 200 costumes so far.”

One of his beloved cats, Nak died two years ago but this owner made sure that his other two furry friends, Fawkes and Pike, enjoyed this dress-up tradition.

“Generally, my favorite costumes are the ones I’m working on at the time, because the act of crafting them brings me so much joy. I had a heck of a lot of fun making the recent vampire outfit with the beautiful cape,” he revealed.

Freyu explained more about this cosplay and how he gains approval of his felines for being in such extravagant outfits. He said that not every cat can feel comfortable in these costumes and he had trained his cats for this process.

“Our cats don’t mind. It’s all Pavlovian training. You start small with little things that don’t get in the way of their movement and you combine that with a small treat, or playtime, so they associate the items with rewards. It’s been a series of training to get them where they are now,” the owner shared.

“Fawkes is a pro. He knows a series of commands. He will hold poses. He’s the consummate professional.The costumes always have to be comfortable though, otherwise they’ll just reach up and pull them off with their paws. The sizing has to be just right..”

You can take cues from these kittens for your next Halloween party but you can’t look as delightful as those furry felines!