Cleaner Addresses Boss As “Cruel” In Letter After Retirement

On the last day of work, a cleaner writes a bold note to the boss. A woman who worked for 35 years as a cleaner addressed her manager as awful and cruel. It was retiring day of her job, but she made sure to let her boss know that her behavior was not appreciated, and she should treat everyone with respect.


The relationship between a boss and a worker is full of ups and downs. One day the worker likes the boss because of his good treatment, less workload or when the boss tries to be a good friend. On most days, it’s a sour relationship. A good boss shares a cordial relationship with his workers and respects them no matter what the circumstances are. This makes the workers come to work each day happily and work more efficiently. A bad boss, on the other hand, makes it a nightmare for the workers to work each day.

The money and the satisfaction, of having a job to run the houses, makes even the unhappy workers work inevitably. In an incident, a worker shared her experience with her boss and expressed great dislike for her. The woman spent 35 years of her life doing the cleaning job at various banks. However, her last job at HSBC bank didn’t turn out to be good because of her experience with her manager at the branch.

The cleaner lady preferred to remain anonymous. The woman just retired from her role, but before leaving the place, she left a powerful letter for her boss mentioning that she was an awful manager. The cleaner woman did this to advise the manager to be more respectful towards her staff and treat them nicely. The cleaner woman could not say this to the manager’s face during her job time, but expressed her true feelings on her retirement day by writing a letter to her.


In the letter, the woman wrote that the least a person can be is kind. A person gets the chance to be a lot of things, but he should be first kind. The woman wrote in the letter that she is leaving the job after she was addressed badly on the office. The way she was dressed down in the office was just aggressive and cruel. The retiring woman also mentions that being cruel to her shows the reflection of the boss’s character and not her. The letter was closed by writing that at the end of the day it is important to be kind because they all are no better than cleaners.

The post was put up on social media by the woman’s daughter. The daughter captioned the letter posted. In the caption, the daughter wrote that she loves her mom for this, and she is happy she worked 35 years as cleaner and left a note well deserved by the awful manager. The cleaner’s daughter also congratulated her mom for her retirement. The post went viral with 135,000 likes and numerous comments. People shared their stories too.

One person wrote that her dad was a caretaker at school and was treated badly by the staff. When she started teaching, she swore to be friendly to everyone. Another person who interviews people often asks the reception staff how they were addressed and treated by the candidate. He names it as the attitude test, which he writes many people fail in. A third person wrote that a job is a job and everyone deserves the same respect. It was the right doing by the cleaner mother.