Couple Faced Backlash From Wedding Guests For Their Bizarre List Of Demands

Organizing a wedding in the Coronavirus pandemic is a cumbersome task for every couple. Besides other preparations, couples now need to take care of the norms and guidelines issued by the government as well. However, this couple faced backlash from wedding guests after they went over the edge and gave a strict list of demands.


The coronavirus pandemic has led us all to alter our way of living. And when it comes to wedding ceremonies the bride and groom have to make the necessary arrangements for the wedding and inform the guests about the precautionary measures as well. But it is essential on the part of the couple to be polite towards guests while giving them instructions that are to be followed or they might end up offending the guests.

A US couple in their wedding invitation included several strict rules that guests had to abide by in order to attend the wedding. The rules required the guests to dress appropriately for an outdoor venue and to not bring plus ones with them. But they went over the edge with their rules when they asked the guests to sign a waiver.

A close person to the bride and groom then took it to Facebook and mocked the couple for their outrageous demands. She wrote, “If you have to make your guests sign a waiver, just elope.”
She further revealed that the invitation also said that no plus ones or children were allowed. Only those who were invited personally could attend the wedding. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, they advised the guests to stay six feet away from one another and wear face coverings if they so wish.

But the woman was most stunned by the fact that the couple asked the guests to bring their own alcohol and were required to sign a waiver. However, after doing a little digging it turned out that the waiver was completely unnecessary.

After the girl surfed the internet to find out the address, she discovered that it could be someone’s property rather than a licensed venue.

Since being posted, guests shared their disfavor at the couple’s strict rules- specifically having to bring their own alcohol.

One person wrote, “Bring your own beer AND you might die? Best wedding ever!” Another person commented that if the couple was asking him to die, they should at least pay for the alcohol.

Another person added that there were zero redeemable qualities about the invite and questioned whether the couple actually wanted people to show up.