Couple’s Wedding Cake Mistake Left Planner In Stitches

A wedding planner to Reddit’s platform- ‘face palm’ to shed light on the blunder that bubbled in a wedding function. The newlyweds had ordered their wedding cake from the supermarket rather than getting it from a professional baker. They wanted the top of their cake to read- ‘Wiser wedding’. But it ended up getting- ‘Why's there a wedding?’


Wedding moments form the most special gems in the memory lanes. The love birds thus try to etch their golden day in the brightest hues. They put everything in line with their dream and plan to end up having the bits of ecstasy. A wedding planner turned to the Reddit platform- ‘face palm’ forum to share the mortifying moments that a couple faced at their wedding function.

The bride and the groom were all set to add the last push to the euphoric mood and moments. It was time for them to cut their wedding cut. They had brought the cake delight from the supermarket instead of getting it from a professional baker. They moved forward to seize the rosy moment. But the moment they beheld the top of the cake, they got stunned. Not just them, everybody around them also could not believe his eyes. The couple has expected the top of the cake to read- ‘Wiser wedding’.

But instead of that, it got- ‘Why’s there a wedding?’ in green hues. It left the love birds in a fix. They could not help, and it was too late to care about it.

This cake was supposed to spell "Wiser Wedding" from ExpectationVsReality

Catching the blunder, a wedding planner went ahead to share the mortifying incident on Reddit’s ‘face palm’ forum to advise other users not to take the wedding bits for granted. The soul also shared the picture of the cake.

Taking on that, the person shared, “This is why you hire professionals. This cake was supposed to spell Wiser wedding. This will be their wedding horror story for sure”.

The story managed to win the heed of social media users. One of them turned up to comment, “Honestly, I think I’d find this just hilarious and get tonnes of photos with it and show it off to everyone!”

Another soul also joined and shared, “That takes the cake”. A third soul jumped in to comment, “Great talking point though”.

Not just them, many grocery workers also turned up to defend the supermarket act. One of them said, “As a person who works in a grocery store bakery… I’ve seen some things. It’s real weird what people will want for their weddings on the cheap”.

Many expressed their disbelief their over the blunder that crashed on the cake to play the wedding spoiler for the newlyweds. One of them commented, “I work in a grocery store bakery… I will write down and show what I wrote to those that want me to write on cakes. If it’s wrong when I give it back or if they pick up an order thats wrong we will fix it and take money off”.

Adding to that, the user wrote, “Whoever did this was either an idiot or didn’t understand English. Sometimes it’s hard to understand people too but that’s why I write it down”.

Thus, the comments rained in to reflect on different views bubbling around the world. The post and story managed to smash the ceiling of the biggest hits.

Hopefully, the soon-to-be-married couples would grab the golden lesson ensconcing in the icing of the blunder wedding cake for their best.