Customer Returns Cheese Roll For The Weirdest Reason

The authorities of any eating joints, clubs or any place offering public service always have a separate department that looks into the complaints lodged by the customers. Also, they take the feedback of the customers in general for future improvements and modifications. There was a case in which a customer filed a complaint but was not taken seriously until he had to prove it to the staff of the club.

A customer ordered a cheese sandwich with some special instruction on how to prepare his sandwich. The staff did prepare the sandwich according to his wishes but there were still mistakes in the process. The customer politely asked the staff to redo his sandwich, but they could not meet his expectations. When he complained about the same to the authorities, they simply laughed it off rather than looking into the matter.

He could see from the presentation of the sandwich that it was not made according to his instructions. The only question that was stuck in his mind was why could the staff not see it and follow simple instructions given by him. The customer finally had to take the matters in his own hands and had to prove it to the club staff that the sandwich was indeed not properly made.

When he asked the staff to make it properly the first time and they returned him the sandwich, just by looking at the way the sandwich was buttered he could tell that his instructions were not followed. He just had one request that the sandwich should be buttered properly and cut into two halves. But the staff could not comply with it and on top of that laughed at his complaint.


He then had proved it to them and when the staff themselves measured the sandwich which was cut into two pieces they found that the sandwich was indeed not cut properly. The sandwich was not cut according to the instructions given by the customer, and there was a difference of 1 cm in both the pieces. The staff accepted its mistake but not after putting the customer into so much grief.

The Chief Executing Officer put the whole story on Linkedln and attracted many likes, comments, and shares. The customer certainly took quality control to another level. While some favored the customers, some favored the staff. One cannot measure the cheese now with a ruler, is what the staff thought when it already a busy day at the club. But people reading the story sure had a good laugh.