Dad Accepts To Write His Daughter’s CV, What He Did Next Will Leave You In Splits

Lauren Moore is done with her examinations and all set to pick her results and look for jobs. With GCSE results and a good CV, she can surely get a job. Her dad has been helping her out with her CV since everything else was set. She was grateful that her dad will make sure that her CV is good, but when she looked at her CV, the shock was REAL.


While she was expecting support from her dad with her CV but the opposite is what she got. Picking up the GCSE results is already nerve-wracking and now she has a brutal and harsh CV from her dad in her face. Lauren was very happy when she discovered that her dad had helped her out with her CV, she was on cloud 9. What can go in a CV when your dad is writing your CV, probably nothing?

But she was proved wrong by her dad; surely he helped her out with the CV. But the question was if she could send it to the potential companies and employers. Well, the answer is no because of the brutal, hurtful and embarrassing words her father used for her in the CV. She would probably not even show it to her friends, let alone send it to the potential organizations.


She expected words like responsible, hardworking, determined, passionate describing her on her CV, but all she got was lazy, late, reluctant, arrogant, irresponsible, and hateful on her CV. Well, these are some of them, the list was very brutal. Rather than telling how responsible she is, her father wrote that she never completes her work, is late with her homework, is irresponsible and gets on father’s nerves and what not. Basically, he said that she is an annoying pain in the ass and is of no use.


When it came to telling her contributions to society and voluntary work, her dad basically declared her a gold digger. He used terms such as digging holes looking for gold, messy, creating chaos, giving information to frauds. While this was not enough for him. He gave a contact of a probation officer and mentioned that it was not even worth contacting him for the reference and confirmation.

One cannot point out whether her dad is upset with her for something that she did wrong at some point in her life or is she really like this; irresponsible, lazy, arrogant and a laid-back attitude. Whatever the reason is what her dad wrote in her CV was way too harsh for her, especially when one knows that it is to be sent to other people.

The question of how Lauren actually is can be answered when she goes for her interviews if she gets shortlisted and is actually able to achieve something in her life. Make sure you do not upset your dads and make sure they actually help you with your CVs. Also, go through your CV before mailing them just to be sure and be safe.