Dad’s Joke Led Daughter To Believe Her Mother Worked For CIA

A father tricked his child to believe that her mother was a CIA and managed to fool her for complete six years. The highlight was that when she was told that her mother is a CIA, she was just 6 years old. And the secrecy that the six-year-old maintained was worth appreciating.


Recently, while answering a question on a social media website, Sydney revealed a bizarre truth that left the audience in glee. She voiced her entire story that how her father tricked her into something so inexplicable. Sydney, back when she was six years old, was attempting to figure out who her parents were before she was born. When she inquired about her mother’s occupation prior to her birth, her father stated he could not answer the question. Sydney’s mother could “get in trouble” if people found out, he claimed.

This just aroused Sydney’s curiosity more and she was determined to learn the truth about her mother’s job. So, Sydney’s father informed her that her mother had worked for the CIA. The Spy Kids franchise is based on the experience of having parents who work in risky, covert jobs to protect the world as we know it. This intrigued her to her very inner core, and she idealized her mother in a whole new light. But it was prohibited to blabber about it in the public.

Therefore, Sydney swore not to disclose this secret to anyone. It was magical to see, a six-year-old did not tell anyone about this big news. She managed to keep her teachers, friends and hysterically, the guy who drives her favorite ice cream truck in dark. However, the secret was not revealed until six years later, when she overheard her mother talking about her old work at an ice cream shop. Sydney in want to learn more about her mother’s CIA days, grabbed the opportunity. Finally, she revealed to her mother that she knew about her previous job.

To this, her mom looked perplexed, but Sydney was certain and claimed that her dad told her that she worked for the CIA. After hearing this, her mother was traumatized and immediately turned towards Sydney’s father. She questioned him that why their daughter thinks that she worked for the CIA. Sydney’s Father jumped and rolled out laughing at the success of his cunning plan. He uttered the words, “It was a joke” in the end.

Sydney had kept her mother’s “secret” for six years. And her father had been waiting for six years to deliver the funny and not on purpose life-changing punchline. Her mother was not a CIA agent. He had told the ultimate dad joke, which Sydney had accepted as fact for the better part of her life. Amusingly, for the brilliance of his mind, the father should get a medal. Nonetheless, the story left the audience laughing out loud.