Daughter Shares The Funny Orders Her Father Gave To Feed The Fox

A father who has been providing a wild fox a fancy meal whenever it pays a visit to his garden every night left his daughter a proper schedule to feed him while he was away.


Amy MacMillan was given directions for the things that needed to be done while she was left alone in the family home. She was amazed to see that her duties involved preparing dinner for an unpredictable visitor.

The well-nourished fox has been stopping over the family home for several months now, where Amy’s dad served the pet animal two parts of meal in the front garden, as told to us by Daily Record.

Just so the fox wouldn’t be saddened, he ordered his daughter to make sure that the evening feeds still continued. It comprises of putting up the dinner at 6pm, before giving a supper at 10 pm.

The note said, ‘Foxes dinner at 6pm. 3 bigger bits of chicken or 4 chicken drumsticks’ ‘Supper 10pm. 4 dog stick chews. Handful of biscuits.’

To be sure that his daughter doesn’t forget it, he also pasted a sign written on an A4 piece of paper to the wall with an arrow, to help her remember to feed the fox and showing her where it likes to eat its food.

Also it contains the order as to how to lock up the house. Amy found all this extremely amusing and so she posted all about it on twitter. She got a lot of positive replies to it Further she told the twiteratis she also gifted her father a fox keychain as a fun thing on Christmas in case he misses it when he doesn’t come.

She then posted picture of his father which he had sent her when he was travelling as he admired the Christmas tree with the fox keychain tied up to his backpack.