Former Student Found A Savage Note By Teacher In Her School Leaving Book

A former student took to Twitter to share her English teacher’s savage note in her school leaver’s book. She was even able to find the man who was behind it.


We all know about the tradition wherein the school leavers sign each other’s books or shirts for something to cherish and remember their fellow classmates and the days spent at the school by. While we don’t really mind our friends writing some improper or spurious messages, we all usually only expect professional and formal messages from the teachers. The most one could expect from a teacher while getting his or her leaver’s book signed is a good-luck platitude message for the future.

However, a woman shared the note by her English teacher in her leaver’s book and it has left the people on the internet guffawing. While the woman posted a picture of this hilarious note, she wrote a caption saying how she still couldn’t believe that that was what her English teacher had written in her book as she was leaving the school.

The English teacher, Mr. Seedat, who addressed this woman as Ashleigh, wrote how he sometimes couldn’t sleep at home because her annoying voice would not stop ringing in his ears. He didn’t just stop there. He also wrote that it was like the worst torture known to man. In the end he wished her good luck for the future. The woman says that the post about this note has received over 50,000 likes. She also said that the teacher had used his sarcasm at the finest, clarifying that she used to barely speak in that class.


She also added that Mr. Seedat was an extremely sarcastic and a very funny teacher and she believes that he would’ve written something similarly hilarious in the other students’ books as well. To this, she got a flood of comments of her fellow students saying they didn’t any get similar messages in their leaver’s books. After this, the woman decided to find Mr. Seedat on social media and send him the photo. She asked him to confirm if it was he who had written that note.

Later, in a screenshot of the conversation between Ashleigh and her English teacher, the latter has been seen accepting that it was he who had written that note in her leaver’s book. As the tweet went viral, a person commented that they could only dream of being so annoying and so they followed her, calling her an icon in the end.

Another person cleverly wrote that they could bet that the woman didn’t “seedat” coming when she asked the teacher to write in her book. A third person disclosed what their own teacher had written in their book. The teacher had written that he/she couldn’t stop thinking about their second lesson with this person as it was then that the latter had accused the teacher of having a mid life crisis, causing them severe anxiety and in the end wrote how this person always fell for their jokes.