Girlfriend Bruised Her Boyfriend’s Ego By Beating Him In Deadlifts

The lockdown has been tough for everyone. Especially for couples in the western world. People locked down in their homes do not have anything but are trying to keep themselves busy. A couple started with the weightlifting match and the woman won! But she does not whether she did right or wrong by emasculating her boyfriend.


Earlier the couples used to see each other for a limited time but now they have to spend all day with each other. The girlfriend shared her story and had some questions for the readers. She shared that the couple is fairly new in this relationship and had locked down together. They were bored so accepted the weight lifting contest. She won the weightlifting contest and her boyfriend’s ego is bruised because there was the company. She thinks that her winning has bruised her boyfriend’s man ego and it might end their relationship.

They met this year in January and came into a relationship in February. Everything was going great and then the global pandemic happened so they decided to move in and stay together during this lockdown. And things were not that difficult, they were getting to know each other and were going on their pace despite the pandemic.

But after the weight lifting contest, the girlfriend thinks that their relationship might be near to an end. She shared that her boyfriend and she has a routine of going through the Reddit highlights. Her boyfriend tells her all the highlights. He saw a highlight were a girl beat her boyfriend in arm wrestling.

She further shared that he believes that men are always superior and stronger than women. She tried explaining to him but it was in vain. She even gave him an example of weightlifting because she has been training for two years in weight lifting and he has not even seen the face of the gym. He commented “cute” and the conversation was over.

Another day her boyfriend was talking to his friend online and she heard him saying “Seriously? I know I am weak but not weaker than a girl.” She could not think straight for a minute and challenged him to work out with her in the morning. Though she has been trying to make him work out for long and make him experience something she is passionate about.

So the next morning they went to a friend’s garage as in the area a group of 10 and fewer people is allowed. And after using anything they clean everything. The girlfriend decided to do deadlifts. Though he began crumbling at 185kgs she crushed her personal best which was 265kgs.

But when they were going home he was silent the whole way. When she asked he shouted that now she must be happy by humiliating him in front of his friends. Though she apologized his man ego is bruised. The readers think that she did a great job of teaching him a lesson. People want her to break up with this fragile man. But she does not know what to do and is waiting for him to cool down.