Godmother Insisted On Changing Baby’s Name Because It Is Same As Her Ex’s

A mother decided on a name for her son but was devastated when she came to know that her friend didn’t like the name. The friend was chosen to be the godmother of the son. Mum was upset by the fact that her friend was not happy with the name. She even started questioning her decision of naming the baby. Therefore, she shared her story on the internet to know about the people’s opinions on the matter.


In the story the mum posted on the internet, she mentioned the name given to the baby and why did her friend stop talking to her. The name that she and her husband chose for the baby was Alan. Alan was also the name of her friend’s ex. The mum was very excited when she chose her friend to be the godmother of her son but her reaction to the name messed everything up.

The mum and her husband mutually decided on the name for two major reasons. On the one hand, Alan was the name of the husband’s teacher who inspired him to be a teacher as well. On the other hand, Alan was the main character’s name in mum’s favorite book.

The mother, who chose to be anonymous, also mentioned the friend’s side of the story. The friend didn’t want her godson to be named Alan because it was the name of her ex and she didn’t want to hear his name constantly. However, the mum clarifies that they broke up 10 years ago and the break up was mutual. None of them cheated on each other. The friend just stopped loving him and they fell apart.

When the mum mentioned the name in front of her friend, she freaked out. She even insisted on changing the name. The mum tried her best to make her understand that the family, her husband, and she liked the name so much. She even gave her a reasonable explanation behind the chosen name. However, when she made clear that she was not ready to change the name of the baby, her friend stopped talking to her.

It was then that the mum shared her story on the internet to know about the people’s opinion on her and her friend’s reaction. Nonetheless, users came in support of her. One of them called the godmother narcissists and suggested choosing someone else as the godmother. To which the mum replied that she had already done that. The new godmother loved the name Alan as she also likes the book from which the name was picked.

The people in the comments agreed that the responsibility and right to decide the name of the baby lies solely with the parents. If someone has an issue with the name then they just have to adjust to it. They agreed that the friend didn’t have the right to insist on changing the name of the baby.

Some of them agreed that no one wants to hear the ex’s name constantly. However, it was neither the mum’s problem nor her responsibility to handle her friend’s emotions. They suggested that her friend should be mature and emotionally stable enough to accept the name chosen by the mum for her baby. They believed that if she was not able to let go of a 10-year old breakup then she might require therapy.