Grandmother Refuses To Call Baby By His Real Name

A woman expecting her first child is quite frustrated with her mom as she doesn't call her baby with the name she and her husband had come up with. When you are expecting your first child after a long struggle with IVF, it's proper to name him as per your choice. On the flip side, be prepared because not everyone would be happy with the choice you make. No matter what anyone thinks, people should be ready enough to accept your preference. But here, the case is pretty different.


A woman posted on Mumsnet explaining her mother isn’t ready to call her baby with the name she and her husband have chosen. She is expecting a child who was first assumed to be a girl. So, the couple had come up with the name “Emily.” Later, they found that it would be a boy, and after a small talk, they formed the name “Harry James.” Harry was her husband’s great grandfather’s name, and James was her great grandfather’s middle name.

The situation got intervened when her mother arrived. According to the woman, her mother seems to be the most controlling. Plus, she refused to call her baby Harry. She explained: “We initially called him Haribo as he was our little jelly baby. She is now calling him Beau and said she will not call him Harry because he may turn out ‘ginger and be called Harry’ (I’m a red head).”

This concerned the mother as she had waited for four long years to have her child, and someone denies using the name she’s given him. Plus, the woman’s mother also makes her realize that Harry is a prevalent name for a baby. She finds it besmirching for her kid because she tried telling her mother that the name’s Harry, but it was of no help. Another reason for this is her mother’s controlling behavior. She also becomes abusive when she’s drunk.

On one side, her husband says he would be upset if she considers changing the name, and on the other aisle, it’s her mom who refused to accept the name. The post received several comments, most of which advised the woman to keep up the name she liked. A person suggested: “No change the name to one your mum likes… See it’s ridiculous isn’t it. Just don’t engage with her about names anymore. Ignore her completely when she says the wrong thing.”

The second person said it’d be better to ignore if she doesn’t call the baby Harry. It was clearly visible that most of the people were in support of the parents. Surely, they have the complete right to the name their kid as per their choice.