Groom Convinced Wife To Let Him Wear Doraemon Outfit For Their Wedding

The wedding day is special just not for the bride but the groom as well. Not only the bride wants to make all her dreams come true but the groom does too. One groom decided to wear a Doraemon Baju Melayu for his wedding, but with the permission from his better half.


The couple is a big fan of cartoons and Doraemon in particular. The groom wanted to wear a Doraemon Baju Melayu at his wedding. Thus, asked his better half if he could cancel what he was wearing originally at his wedding and wear a Doraemon Baju Melayu. It was not that he had to get his designers and stylists to make his outfit get ready at the last moment.

Mohd Firdaus Mohd Ali, a big Doraemon fan had a Doraemon Baju Melayu for his pre-wedding shoot, but five days before his wedding he decided to wear that outfit on his wedding day but with the permission of his bride. The Kelantanese groom was able to persuade his bride to let him wear the Doraemon Baju Melayu which was initially finalized for the couple’s pre-wedding shoot.

Posted by Abann Dass on Friday, November 16, 2018

The groom shared how their conversation went when he was convincing her to let him wear the Doraemon Baju Melayu. He shared that “She initially did not want me to wear it, as she was embarrassed about what others would say.” He was ready with his reply and convinced her by saying “if you love me, you wouldn’t mind even if I wore this for awhile,” she was not sure to let him wear the outfit.

But later on, agreed because it was their wedding and their happiness matters not what others will think of the couple. Mohd Firdaus runs a local cosmetics shop and is such a big fan of cartoons that he provides customized cartoon towels, clothes, pillows and blankets to his customers. He got the cloth for his Doraemon Baju Melayu from Jakarta last year. Which shows how big of a fan he is.

Posted by Abann Dass on Friday, November 16, 2018

Mohd Firdaus later revealed that not only his wife agreed to let him wear a Doraemon Baju Melayu but herself wore a matching Doraemon outfit for the wedding. Though she had one request of not letting her pictures get uploaded on the internet which Mohd Firdaus agreed on. He was so happy that his wife was so understanding and caring that he has decided to plan their honeymoon trip to the Balkan region next month.

A relationship needs to bloom and grow that both the partners are understating, caring, kind, loyal and patient with each other. There are moments when both of them do not agree on facts and decisions but being patient is the key. It takes time to settle things and let the pieces fall into place.