Groom Kicks Sisters Out Of Wedding Venue For Ignoring ‘No Kids Allowed’ Policy

This was about a newly-wed couple that wanted their guests to follow a wedding rule they created. As both of them didn’t want children at their wedding, they decided for a child-free wedding. They wanted everyone to follow the ‘no child’ policy strictly. But the groom’s sisters ignored it and brought their kids along. The groom didn’t let them enter the venue!


Weddings are meant to be joyous and cheerful where everyone could just enjoy the moments keeping everything aside. It is such a beautiful opportunity for the family as well as friends to reconnect with everyone as they meet each other after months or even years sometimes. Alongside, it is a very good excuse for parents to leave their kids at home and enjoy the ceremony as otherwise they would be involved in their stuff the entire time! A wedding invite with ‘no children allowed’ policy can be acceptable for some while others might take it as insult!

An anonymous groom and his wife-to-be decided for a child-free wedding. They wanted everyone to know about it well in advance so that the rule could be strictly followed. Everyone except the groom’s family accepted the policy. They were absolutely alright with it. However, the groom’s mother said it was completely illogical for not allowing kids at the wedding as it had never happened that way and his sisters lived towns away so the kids couldn’t be left alone at home. After a lot of arguments, his family finally agreed.

On their big day, everyone abided by the policy except his sisters that had children between the ages of two to ten years. They ignored his wedding rule and brought their children along! The groom was pissed off and didn’t let them enter the wedding venue as he told everybody to follow the rule strictly. He thought it would be disrespectful for his wife and her family if he allowed them to enter as all others arrived without their children. Days after the couple got married, the groom gathered everyone together to explain why he did so.

It was later discovered that the groom’s mother told his sisters to bring their kids along and said that she would be dealing with the groom about it later on. His mother and his sisters claimed that his wedding would be remembered as a disaster and he was the reason for it. In order to fix the damage, they suggested him to organize a separate party where children would be involved. He refused to do so. His family went on to convince his wife for the same. They told her that their relationship would otherwise be at stake.

The groom went online with the story as he wanted to know whether his act was disobeying. Many users approved of what he did. They were of the opinion that the second party shouldn’t be organized as his family was disrespectful for what he wished his wedding to be. One said that the wedding was supposed to be how the couple decided so he wasn’t at fault. As the rules weren’t followed by his sisters, so they were the ones to bear the consequences. His wedding was sabotaged mainly by her mother as she completely disregarded his wishes. Another commented that organizing a second one would display that he was wrong and they were right.