Guy Announced His Engagement At Teen Stepsister’s Funeral

A 19-year-old considered telling everyone about his engagement at his 14-year-old stepsister's funeral. Later, he realized that it wasn't a good idea and, eventually, led him to face the repercussions.


As a matter of fact, a funeral ceremony is in no way, an event where you shall be heading ahead for a piece of good news. But this didn’t get into the consciousness of a teenager who decided to take the stage for his engagement news. The groom-to-be later found out that the reaction wasn’t the same that he assumed in the beginning.

His post on Reddit describes that he had proposed to his girlfriend (20) of five months but never got the moment to share the news with his family. He wanted to let his family grieve, but on the other hand, had a wish to make an announcement. He knew that all his family members would be there at the reception, which made him think of it as an excellent opportunity to convey the message. It was actually a family reunion as most of them live in different countries, states, etc.

He said: “Under any other circumstances, this would have been the perfect time to announce our engagement, but it just didn’t feel right because everyone was so down.” In the middle, he noticed a bit of ease at the moment. So, he decided not to keep the news with himself but instead share it with the family. He adds: “Everyone was laughing and reminiscing, her cheer coach was even telling everyone about her upcoming trip to Morocco.”

However, it didn’t go as he expected. There was an awkward silence where some people unusually wished him and continued eating their food. And it wasn’t the end of the misery either. After the announcement, his stepsister’s half-sister’s boyfriend took him aside. He was then confronted by his stepsister’s half-sister, who said that he always made everything about himself and couldn’t even commemorate his sister in her absence.

He and his fiancée had to leave after the scene. Even his mom and stepdad agreed that they should both leave the place. The boy also received several texts from his family members who told him that he made the funeral all about himself, whereas some were unwilling to attend his wedding. Unsurprisingly, people’s reactions were nothing to write home about for the guy with one asking how he thought it to be a good idea when he shared the news at the funeral.

Another person apprised that he might have thought it to be a good chance for a second, but it isn’t. According to what his family members said, it also looks like this happens frequently. The post has since been taken down from Reddit, but it’s still a simpleton mistake. Had he thought about other ways to tell his wedding news, the situation could be different. Whatever happened is still a great lesson for the teenager.