Guy Had Slept With Girlfriend’s Mum And Realized When He Got There

When you meet your partner’s parents for the very first time, you are very nervous and worried whether they will like you or not. You have all sorts of scenarios of things going wrong and the parents end up hating you. Their opinion of you and their blessing to you for their son or daughter matters a lot. An astonishing thing happened with this man when his girlfriend took him to her house.

What can be the worst scenario for them to not like you? Maybe you broke their fine china by mistake, broke their expensive vase or maybe stepped on their pet. Sometimes overprotective fathers and brothers have the job to hate every guy their daughter brings home and that is fine because with time they warm up to the guy. But one man had the worst scenario one can possibly imagine when he went to visit his girlfriend’s parents for the first time.

The man shared his horrifying past on Reddit, he explained how he met a woman and one thing led to another. He met a woman in a bar and they immediately became friends. They exchanged numbers and spent a lot of time chatting with each other, but after some time things were quiet for some time until they ran into each other one night. Things escalated and one thing led to another, he ended up in the woman’s bed.

He finally noticed that the woman was much older than he anticipated; she was older than any other girl he had slept with till date. He stayed because he thought he might learn something from her. She obviously has more experience in life and it might bring him some good. But obviously, because of the age gap they both went separate ways. Later he realized that spending time with that woman only brought regret in his life.

After some months the man met a 19-year-old on Tinder and could sense chemistry. They began chatting and immediately hit it off. Things were going great and smoothly. They were going with the flow and not rushing into anything. Finally, they decided to meet each other’s families. When they were on their way to meet his girlfriend’s parents, a realization hit him and it was like a blow to his gut.

He immediately inquired for how long she has been living in the house. When she said that this is the only house she has known all her life he was distraught. He knew that he had to tell her before meeting the parents. He explained everything to his girlfriend but was devastated when they both agreed to end their relationship. He was really looking forward to where this relationship was going. But he knew that he messed up big time. He was thankful that his girlfriend was level-headed and understood his story.

He was itching to ask about her father and why the house was free that night and all the possible scenarios, but knew that it would be better to keep his mouth shut. The final solution was separation but they agreed to remain friends.