Guy Shares Hilarious Photos Of Him Looking After Housemate’s Plants

How often does it happen when you are asked to look after a pet or a plant which belongs to your roommate in his/her absence? You are obliged to do so because of the dependency towards each other. This man when told to look after his housemate’s plants took it literally and did everything one would do to look after a real person.


Lauren French, from North London was travelling to the United States for his holidays. She owned a variety of plants and did not want the plants to go bad by the time she returned. So, she gave her housemate the responsibility of ‘taking care’ of her plants until she gets back.

Usually, taking care of plants means watering them regularly and providing them with adequate lighting. But Lauren’s housemate had some other plans in his mind. He was not settling to just watering the plants and decided to make good use of the time he had with his new friends.

Jack, Lauren’s housemate took ‘taking care’ to a whole new level and sent some picture to Lauren showing how he was ‘taking care’ of her plants. Jack did all sorts of things with the plants. The pictures he sent to Lauren showed Jack playing cards with the plants to drinking wine together with the plants. Jack was also seen reading a book to a plant and even offering a sandwich and a pack of crisps to a plant.


Sharing the photos on Twitter Lauren wrote, “I asked my housemate to look after my plants whilst I’m away for the next couple of weeks. He sent me these.” Lauren has known Jack for a long time but has lived with him only for a few months told: “I was screaming when he sent them. Full on laughing. He’s one of the funniest, silliest, and wittiest people I have the privilege of knowing.” The tweet has since been liked more than 160,000 times, retweeted more than 25000 times and has received almost two thousand comments.

Jack is not only taking care of Lauren’s peace lily, Chinese money plant and spider plant but he is also giving his tender love and affection to their other two housemates’ plants while all of them are enjoying their holidays. Jack is having the time of his life with all his new friends. If jack continues to show this amount of affection towards plants, he might end up being the best plant-sitter in the history of mankind.