Guy Takes Revenge On His Little Cousin Who Finished Off His Favorite Chocolates

You can never have enough chocolates and if for once you get a box full of them, don’t even mention sharing. We guard those favorite chocolates with our life (or at least try to!) but there are still some eyes stuck on it. This guy’s cousin ate all the strawberry creams that he had put aside for himself, so, he planned revenge.

There is hardly any person we can tell who is not fond of chocolates (keeping in mind that chocolates include a vast variety). The love for chocolates is universal and as we talk about these delicious items, our mouth is watering. That’s true love!

Whenever we are fortunate enough to get a box of chocolates, it is kept safe until we get time to savor them. But what if on that day, you discover that your favorite chocolates have been relished by some sneak thief. That hurts!

Such a “surprise” hits like a thunderbolt (exaggeration? no!) as it is totally undesirable. No messing with our most treasured food items!

This Reddit user, FreckleAudit shares his story as his seven-year-old cousin savored the strawberry creams that he had kept for himself. Yes, we just named one of the most delicious chocolates and you probably got lost in their taste. Go ahead, treat yourself right away.

Okay, let’s get back to the topic of stolen chocolates. That is a major concern as you can get over a breakup but not over stolen strawberry creams!

Now, what do you suggest as a punishment for this crime? Don’t go too far, just think something that would be brilliant revenge in such cases. This guy wanted to give his cousin the taste of his own medicine and came up with an amazing way to accomplish that.

As you might have already judged, this little guy loves chocolates and so, the revenge idea came from this fondness. The Reddit user picked a few carrots and replaced the chocolates with slices of this healthy vegetable.


He picked the right vegetable and sliced them perfectly so that they look exactly like a piece of chocolate. That’s smart and we have to appreciate his brilliant mind.

Try having a carrot when you feel like relishing the confectionary items and you’ll know it is quite a tough task. We can imagine the kid’s expressions on seeing carrots inside those wrappers. It’s not a pleasant sight at all for anyone.

This revenge deserves an award as nothing is more disappointing than finding out that the shining wrappers were just deceiving. There is nothing worth tasting inside them. Unwrap and there you go, with a nutritious piece inside!

Here’s a lesson for all of us – stay away from someone else’s box of chocolates (or any other wonderful dish for that matter that doesn’t belong to you)! Now, you know the consequences of such actions. No one wants to be on the receiving end of such an act of revenge.