Husband Taught A Lesson To MIL For Being Nosey And Snooping Into Her Daughter’s Messaging Apps

To express our irritation on this specific topic is beyond our patience. We can’t even begin to start how messed up it is. Can’t figure out what we are talking about? This MIL read texts on her daughter’s phone and the man takes revenge for the same.


Snooping into someone else’s phone is a deal-breaker in any kind of relationship. Even if the relationship is that of a mother-daughter.

MILs are generally extremely sweet and generous. However, some are extremely curious to know every detail about their kids.

This MIL wanted the same. However, her way of getting the details was totally inappropriate. Moreover, it wasn’t an act that happens once in a while. It is rather a habit that is annoying her son-in-law.

He chose Reddit to show his anger. He wrote, “I’m married to a wonderful woman. She’s smart, funny and very kind. Her mother is generally very nice and tends to have a great attitude and be very enjoyable, a bit of a prude but generally enjoyable.”

But the problem began when he wrote, “However [she] can be a bit of a major snoop. If my wife leaves her phone sitting around she will just pick it up and start going through it.”

His wife has taken this act lightly as this has been happening since she was a kid. She said that her mother is controlling and this act is part of her nature.

However, the husband is not okay with it.

The husband said, “I’m not a fan of this because my wife and I will sometimes text about the thing that simply doesn’t involve her mother and I don’t feel are her business at all.”
Hence, he decided to take the revenge of all times from his MIL.

He explained by saying, “So over Christmas my I saw my wife set her phone down on the kitchen counter and I had a brilliant idea. Her mom was still in the kitchen and I sent my wife the most sexually depraved text about all the things I was going to do to her when everyone left. (Honestly, most of them are things we haven’t even done, but I had to make it extra scarring …)

I sent this text from the bathroom. And maybe it was my imagination but I could swear I could hear an audible gasp shortly after her phone went off.”

When he came out of the loo, the MIL couldn’t even look him in the eye. She asked her daughter if her husband always talks the way he texted.

The wife said, “What we do is between us and us only.”

He considers it the best Christmas gift ever.