Husband’s Idea To Break Wife’s Silent Treatment Got Slammed Online

A husband got into bad books of his wife and tried every possible way to get things back to normal. He decided to tamper with home appliances hoping that this would make his wife talk to him. But most of the netizens were of the opinion that this was a terrible idea.


The man posted a series of videos in TikTok where he was seen tampering with home appliances. In the videos, the man also explained that the sole purpose of tampering with the home appliances was to get her wife to talk to him. He thought that his wife would ask him to repair the home appliances.

The three videos posted by the man with user id ‘Trip Uhl D’ have received more than thirteen million views. Most netizens have only warned the man as they felt the idea was terrible. One of the many netizens who commented said that the man could end up having a divorce if things didn’t go as he planned.

The tampering of home appliances started with turning off the water for the bathroom toilet. Then, he unscrewed the lightbulbs, flipped around the batteries of the remote. Things didn’t stop here. Further, he put the kitchen pans on the top shelves so that they were out of his wife’s reach. He even changed the TV language to Spanish. All done in one hope, his wife comes to him for help and he can hear her speak to him.


This wasn’t enough for the wife to ask for help, so, he decided to continue with tampering with home appliances. He continued by cutting the power of the coffee machine, disabled the Wi-Fi, changed his wife’s phone’s settings, and tightened the lid of jars in their fridge.

There were a few who called the idea ‘genius’ but most found it terrible. One user said that now they could see why she wasn’t talking to him. The second user said, “Oh she’s definitely going to start speaking to you… ABOUT DIVORCE PAPERS.” The third user said, “RIP. You had a good run I guess.”

Another user wrote about the stubbornness of their ex. They wrote, “My ex was so stubborn she would just buy a new TV, new toilet and new pots, just to keep the silence.”

Sometimes things get complicated and one doesn’t know what they should do to make things better. This was one of those situations. Though everyone would have loved to find the ending of the story the user hasn’t given any update as of yet. We hope that the man and the wife solve their issues and find their happiness soon.