Love Island Leaves A Devotee In A Tan Disaster

There is nothing wrong with tears, but tears and spray tan, not a good combination for sure. Niamh Curtin, a student 18 years-old can surely prove it. She was watching Love Island which she thought would not be so emotional that it will ruin her spray, but it did. Love Island is packed with emotions and feelings and she learned that the hard way, the hard way being ruining her tan spray.

She had her tan spray on when she watched Love Island which gave her a hard blow of emotions leading to tears. When she saw Islander Ovie’s reaction to George getting the boot in Love Island, she could not control her tears. Here is nothing wrong with anyone crying, but she crying with her tan spray on surely was a lesson for her which she learned the hard way.

Not sure about she learned her lesson from it though, rather being upset over the fact that her tan spray was ruined she saw the funny side of her situation. She shared pictures of her ruined tan spray because of the tears all thanks to the emotional package that comes with Love Island on social media. Her caption and pictures surely got attention with shares and likes. She even cornered Ovie on Twitter by tweeting “All your fault, was all teary after your bromance with George.”


Her two streaks of tears are very evident from her picture and she recommends people to never get sad or emotional with tan spray on. A piece of good advice from an 18-year-old because not everyone can find humor in such situations. So, guys, we do not know about any other shows, but Love island and tan spray together as a combination is a big no.

She was catching up on Love Island and thought it would be good to have her tan spray on, it would surely save her time afterward. But then tears happened and that leads to two very evident streaks of tears. In the middle of her catching up, she saw her reflection in the mirror and ran upstairs to her bathroom to have a proper look and show it to her parents.

Even her parents found her situation very funny and could not stop laughing. People on Twitter found it hilarious as well, one wrote that this picture uplifted her mood and made her year. The other wrote that it is a piece of art and not everyone is capable of such talents, now was it sarcasm or a compliment she has still to figure out. While others surely learned their lessons. So it is advised not to put your tan spray if you are an emotional person and are watching any show or catching up.