Man Deals With A Slob By Writing Humorously Passive Aggressive Notes

There are some people who clean up the dishes immediately after cooking. Some pick up their shoes immediately instead of leaving them in the hall itself or hang their coat in the wardrobe instead of leaving it strewn over the armchair. These people may be the victims of obsessive cleaning disorder and so they want everything to be spick and span. But sometimes it takes a comical turn like it did with this comedian.

Everyone loves to live in a clean and tidy place. Some people may be passionate about it while some may not care at all. This man is the former one who lives with a housemate who is the latter one. Having a housemate who doesn’t do his bit is quite annoying. Certain things like leaving one’s used cheese knife on the worktop for numerous days is not what everyone will appreciate.

The clean and tidy man loves to keep his house well kept but his roommate doesn’t cooperate much. The man was literally fed up of him and so he decided to take an action against this unacceptable act of his. Justin Cousson, a comedian, thought that the only way to bring his housemate under control was by taking a passive aggressive action. He kept on leaving notes all around the house for his friends to notice and read it.

Is this the best strategy? Possibly! But surely a witty one. Soon this hovel of his turned out to be an art gallery, making each abandoned thing like piece of modern art. We can say that it was no longer his house but a gallery.

This self-made passive aggressive gallery of the comedian was very successful. But obviously there were some rigid fault finders who didn’t care for his emphasis on found pieces. Some of his notes included “cheese knife” currently on sale for $500, a “sour cheese smeared spoon left in the sink” for $3400 and “boxes left on couch” for a cool $6000.

He used sarcasm while commenting on the things which were kept around the house aimlessly. For example, he said, “knife left out on counter in striking distance of knife block, having been used only to remove seal of ice cream cartoon, leaving quite the sight as the last thing I saw before gratefully leaving town this week.” This one was his personal favorite.