Man Disguised PlayStation 5 As Wi-Fi Router To Sneak It Into Home

When it comes to concealing the expensive purchases from our family members, we all have put in ample effort to make that thing successful. Lê Gia Hưng just raised the bar of doing so by misrepresenting his new PlayStation 5 as a Wi-Fi router. He even went to the extent of engaging a fake network engineer.


Hưng took the advantage of his family not being so tech-savvy and kept the disguised PlayStation next to his TV. Most people would recognize the trick by judging the new look of the PlayStation but clearly, his family didn’t know much about the latest tech.

Now the question arises who wouldn’t recognize the PS5 logo? Well, Hưng had it all figured out as he smartly applied a Wi-Fi company sticker over the logo.

Undoubtedly, Hưng made the PS5 look completely like a Wi-Fi router with all of its details.

People were impressed by this clever person who dedicatedly put all his efforts to accomplish his desire to sneak into the family home. A person shared how proud he was after admiring his brilliant art of deception but wondered what would be it like when his wife catches him playing the disguised PS5.

Hưng was appreciated by people and some also called him ‘legend.’ A person felt that without being judgmental of his relationships, the intelligent lad had the guts to lie 100%. Another added that his dedication to making his life enjoyable is crazy.

Hưng shared about this incident on his Facebook page. The detailed knowledge of the jig went viral. He revealed that it started at the start of the year when his family faced internet connection issues. To tackle the problem, Hưng called the operator to fix the problem.

He was awestruck as he looked at Viettel’s way of considering the problem and fixing it. Within an hour of registering his problem, Viettel confirmed the request and conveyed the problem was in the device’s place and therefore handed over to them the latest generation wifi upgrading equipment.

He hilariously added, “After placing the new device, our network speed improved beyond expectations. I’m excited and recommend everyone to use Viettel. Ps. Even though the new Wi-Fi device is a bit big but it’s not a problem.”

People appreciated him to strike such a clever move to sneak the device into the home without anyone noticing even the slightest of anything.

Smart or devilish, the intention of this man is up for discussion.