Man Found Out 8-Year-Old Is Put On Diet And Body Shamed By Mom

A mom called her eight-year-old daughter fat. When confronted by the dad, Mom kept her stand and felt that she did the right thing. Mom further put the young girl on a diet.


Fat shaming has always been an issue. Many people have faced it and its consequences are a bane. In the previous few months, the COVID-19 situation has brought up many stories over the internet. Lockdowns over the globe have increased the number of netizens but on the other hand it has also provided an opportunity to spend more time with your beloved ones. This is helping many families to come closer.

Similarly a dad got a chance to come close to his eight-year-old daughter. The Dad after a day realized some weird habits of his little girl. He kept on noticing her little princess fidgeting with her clothes. When he asked her about it, the girl replied by saying that she was fat. The dad further asked her that why does she think that? The innocent girl replied with, “Mommy told me.” This left the dad livid.

AITA for being angry that my wife put our daughter on a diet? from AmItheAsshole

Without wasting any time, the Dad confronted his wife. The wife without feeling any guilt about the same admited to the act. She justified the incident by telling her husband about her childhood and the body-shaming that she went through. She further added that it was best if their daughter heard it from her and not her friends. The confused dad did not know how to react to it. Therefore, he took the story to the internet and got a rough idea of how he should frame his opinion on it.

Netizens have given all sorts of replies. Many suggest the act of body shaming done by the mother is greasy. It might leave a scar on the young girl for her whole life. Such things affect a person’s personality tremendously. A person suffers from self-esteem, confidence, social skills, and body image. A user wrote, “please hug your little girl and tell her that she is beautiful.”

While some netizens suggested that the family as a whole should get a counselling done. The mother especially needs it so that she may overcome her fears and does not push them in her daughter.

Young children are supposed to be free and having fun. They shall not take any social pressure at their stage in life for sure. An eight-year-old girl should not worry about her looks. She shall be enjoying all the time. We must help create such an environment where elders can talk about their fears and they certainly don’t pass it to their children. Children are the future and providing a safe and healthy environment is our job. A mother is the one who loves her child the most butthis mother did not do the right thing.