Man Got Tired Of His Chickens Escaping The Coop, Bought Them High-Visibility Vests

A man named David Williams has permitted his chickens to breathe in bubbles of liberty with the help of high visibility jackets. He had bought a pair of hens- Davina and Deidre for his 8-year-old son on his birthday. But they were in no mood to stay in their coop. Giving up on them; he has safeguarded them with jackets.


Some souls find it too hard to cage their life and mind the limitations. They refuse to bow down before the constraints and go ahead to live their dreams. Not just humans but animals too nurture these liberal spirits. A man named David William came on terms with the fact after buying a pair of chicken- Davina and Deidre for his son’s delight.

His son’s birthday was around the corner. And like other counterparts, he was rankling up to spot a perfect birthday gift for him. Then, he came across the idea of having chickens in their yard and providing his son with the two companions. Working on that idea, he ended up purchasing a pair of chicken- Davina and Deidre. Keeping in mind their necessities, they got a coop for the hens.

However, the hens were not much delighted with the idea of staying in. They wanted to break free and explore the surroundings. They refused to accept their confinement and began to take on the neighborhood. David and his family tried to lock them in. But then, they gave up on that idea and let them cherish life in their way. However, the fear of them getting under the car while straying near the roads hovered in their minds.

Thus, David decided to arrange for their safety.

To his delight, a company named Omlet popped in for his help. David got high visibility jackets for the hens. He made them wear that and then set them free to decide their day out. The hens now take on the Milton Keynes streets freely in morning and afternoon. Their amicability has won hearts around with people welcoming them into their gardens. Eventually, they have turned into the limelight.

Taking on the hens, David said, “I started off trying to keep them in. But right from the start, they had other ideas—they wanted to be free to go where they wanted. They started their wandering in the summer, when the evenings were still light. But as the nights got darker, we were worried that people wouldn’t spot them if they were near a road or on a driveway”.

Shedding light on visits, one of their neighbors said, “I love it when they come in my garden and eat the snails that eat away at my plants. They’re doing me a good turn. They’re part of the community now and they brighten our days”.

Well, the jackets have not just set the chickens free. But they have also brought returns to David for his goodness. The owner has noticed the quality of their eggs gone up after he got them the jackets.

Taking on that, he shared, “We still feed them proper food and people give them all kinds of tidbits. But they enjoy finding food for themselves too. It must be doing them good because their eggs are amazing”.

The hens have also hit the fame icon in the online world. The netizens have loved their liberal sprees and have found them adorable.

Hats off to Williamson for his idea! His goodness is indeed adding to their betterment.