Man Posted Brutal Advertisement For Ex-Girlfriend’s Fake Jimmy Choo Purse

After his breakup, a man posted an advert comparing his girlfriend and her fake handbag on social media. He posted an image of the duplicate Jimmy Choo’s handbag. This Australian man depicted his feelings on a group on Facebook. But it wasn’t any normal post, it was an advertisement on a buy, sell and swap group on Facebook selling his ex’s fake purse.


After a breakup, there are about a million things that go unresolved. People are left with their ex’s stuff and do not know what to do with it. Some return the things to their exes, some throw them away without being bothered much but this savage man decided to sell his ex-girlfriend’s bag on social media, making a few extra bucks into his pocket. He priced the bag at $20 and posted the advertisement. The ad contained similarities between his ex-girlfriend and the fake handbag. The post stated that he was selling his former partner’s fake Jimmy Choo bag.

He stated a lot of resemblance between the replica of the bag and his ex-partner. The bag matched is his ex’s personality, both fake and leathery, after her chest surgeries and extravagant tanning sessions. He further mentioned that they both seemed genuine when looked at from a distance but things would be clear when looked at closely. It wasn’t all nice when looked closely, things were not in their right place and even the smell wasn’t good. He further reassured his customers that it was his girlfriend who smelled strange, not the bag, the bag smelled excellent.


He went on stating that both the bag and his ex-girlfriend were empty from inside and he wished and loved it was real but it wasn’t possible. He ended up with a mere imitation of what was real. He called both the girlfriend and the purse fake several times. The post went viral in no time and people absolutely loved it and found it to be too amusing. There was a comment stating that it was the best sale post ever and the bag was sold in no time.

A comment said that it was a brilliant post but there are plenty more real bags out there implying that there are better and genuine girls. Another comment said that it was the best post he had read lately. One comment also compared him to the bag. He said that the man was like the bag, all blue, implying that he was sad but he had it handled.

An offended person commented that the man shouldn’t have bought cheap bags for his girlfriend and that he should stop bashing her like that. The man replied saying that his ex-partner came with the baggage which she carried from her previous relationship, it wasn’t his fault. He later stated that a lot of people messaged him asking if he was okay which he found awkward.