Man Quits Job With A Condolence Card

Resignations are taken as one of the very formal and serious affairs. So employees pick their words assiduously to reflect their decision in a subtle way. Nobody would like to terminate a beautiful chapter on a sad note. Sam Baines was too looking for something to cut out his last day’s sadness. To his delight, he picked a condolence card to inform his office about his resignation.

The 22-year-old former call centre worker was lucky enough to have a perfect team. According to him, they were a close team and had a fantastic manager. Not just that, they had always been joking around and had a lot of fun together. So he didn’t want his last moments with them to be a sad affair. Eventually, he took to his creative mind and dug out the idea of a condolence card.

The card was carrying “So very sorry for your loss” on it. “Thinking of you at this difficult time” was too written inside the card. After some hours of contemplation, Sam decided to write his message over it. He wrote that his last day of work was the 29th of July. He did not miss to end his message with a sweet “Love”. The blitheful soul had to leave his fantastic haven as he had to go back to his University in that September.

Before leaving the call centre, he always joked about how much his colleagues would miss him when he had been gone. Sam was fully certain that his boss would find that funny so he was not worried about how they would take his card. He was perfectly right in his guess-work. Hannah-his colleague shared the picture of the card on the social media platform.


To blow their minds, the picture had been retweeted around 40000 times and some 210000 souls liked it. She shared that everyone had been laughing and was perfectly amused with the card. It had been done in good spirit and not a petty reaction.

After all the pomp and show, social media users turned up to share their views. One of them shared that one of his colleagues did the same thing with them. But they were too happy with his departure as everybody was fed up with that soul in his office. People lauded the hilarious move. They just loved the closure of the message with “Love”.

The Sheffield resident did take a unique trail to make that moment a special one. But the vogue should not be followed blindly. One might not be as lucky as Sam to have a frank supervisor. The boss might not be able to look at the intended side of the card. So be aware of its other possible repercussions too!