Man Repeatedly Fake Proposes His Attention Hating Wife At Disney

Even though being engaged to the love of your life is the greatest feeling in the world, to make fun of your partner in a loving way is also one of the greatest pleasures people enjoy. TikTok user @Kelly_krib posted a clipping of her boyfriend who continuously fake proposed to her at Disney World as she hates attention.


The video went tremendously viral as it fetched millions of views and people found it extremely hilarious. The video was viewed more than 4.4 million times and was bombarded with likes and comments.

Without a doubt, when a man gets down to propose the love of his life at Disney World, a place full of public, it grabbed the attention of the many people present there to embrace the moment.

Taking advantage of the fact that his beloved hates attention and big scenes a partner even though already engaged, proposed to his girlfriend on one of the wooden bridges over the lake to annoy her.

Abashed from the scenario, Kelly tried to escape from the scene but as her partner wanted to add up to her annoyance, he started proposing to her at every place possible like in front of the castle, at a place full of the public waiting for the ride, inside a restaurant full of people and much other attention-seeking spots.

To add up to the flattery he started using phrases like, “This is the moment I have been waiting for my entire life.”

A supporting friend of the man recorded and captured every irritated look on Kelly’s face.

Kelly shared the video with a caption, “My husband fake proposed to me all over Disney World because he knows I hate a scene. We were already engaged so he knew he could get away with this. We go back in June, wish me luck.”

People started flooding the comment section of the video. A person shared his concern that the people around them might think that the girl wanted to reject the proposal. Another expressed that the friend recording the scenes is the one enjoying the most out of the situation.

Yet another person commented that he wanted to know about the actual proposal. Kelly replied by revealing that her partner went down on his knees at their home with just the two of them and the dog. She added that it was exactly how she wanted it to be, simple but significant.

She also clarified that the entire fake proposal thing was just for fun.