Man Sends A Detailed Resume To A Girl Who Is Looking For A “Husband”

When you enter the world of online dating apps, get ready to encounter all kinds of people. Some are looking for casual dates while others are more serious about finding a partner. When this 19-year-old girl created a fun profile on the app, she received a surprisingly unexpected response from a guy.


Thi Nguyen, 19, wanted to have a little fun on Tinder and her profile reflected an amusing side to her. She wrote that she was looking for a husband and nothing serious. She mentioned her height as well – 4 feet and 13 inches!

If these details are not entertaining enough, her picture defines quirky! It is a mirror selfie, not your regular one, but posing on a public toilet.

She included her Snapchat username in the bio and she received a text there. Someone saw her profile and decided to reach her out on Snapchat. The message read, “Hi I saw your Snap name on your Tinder profile and just wanted to say that you’re pretty cute!”

A few moments later, they matched on Tinder. The guy texted her saying that he is ready to apply for the position of husband. How adorable is that!

Thi had already received such messages from other guys and so, she sent this one a similar reply she sent the others. As this was all light-hearted, she told him that he needed to send a resume to apply for the “vacancy”.

To her surprise, the guy took the resume thing very seriously and 60 minutes later, Thi’s phone buzzed and a link to a detailed CV appeared on her screen. She opened it and this resume surprised her.

The CV contained all his “skills” as a partner and all that he has to offer in a relationship. He even mentioned that he has friends with cute dogs and they can meet them. Okay, we are already in! We hope Thi approved too.

He listed his certifications which included “Runner Up for the MTV Movie Award for the Best Kiss. Of course, he stated “Best Cuddler” too!

His resume received a lot of attention on the internet after Thi tweeted it. People want them to go on a date. The man deserves a chance!