Man Shared Hilarious Rules For Family To Follow If He Slips Into Coma

A guy has gone long past viral on social media after liberating a ridiculously lengthy listing of guidelines he would like his cherished ones to comply with if he ever falls right into a coma. The entertaining list included dressing tips as well as cuisine and pop culture news. The person was none other than the famous actor and writer Paul Black.


It is no secret that some people want to always look their best, regardless of the situation. And one man has entertained folks by claiming that even if he were in a coma, he wanted to look his best. An actor and a writer named Paul Black has gone viral on social media after emancipating a list of “rules” he would like his loved ones to obey if he ever found himself in this circumstance.

As he explained, his first rule was regarding hair care. He gave some tips for his hair care routine. He claimed that first and foremost, he needed a weekly skin fade. He also clarified that he did not want anything that looked like sideburns or any unattractive growth because he did not have the facial structure for it. Following that, he requested biweekly pop culture updates from a “reliable source, ideally a gay male”.

He claimed that he should know if Rihanna released a new album or Meghan Markle is killed. He declared that even if he could not listen, his body will perceive. The third demand was for personal apologies from anybody who has ever hurt him. The next item on the list was a “social media campaign” to ensure that people do not forget about him, and he requested that no cost be spared, asking the hiring of a professional social media manager for £25k per year to “keep [his] spirit alive.

The rest of the list continued saying that he wanted personalized notes and that too from real popstars for the Make-A-Wish-Foundation. Next, he said that no one should feed him in any circumstances. According to him, this would be the best time for shedding off his fat. Moreover, he asked to involve his comatose body on TikTok trends so that he is not ghosted from there. Following that, he wanted a cigarette touched to his lips, although he would not be able to inhale it.


When he wakes up, he needed to start a GoFundMe account right away so that he can buy new clothes for his tiny figure and prepare for his many media interviews, he exclaimed. His final request was that Lady Gaga’s new album, Chromatica, be played to him every day through his Air pods so that he does not forget about it.

The video has received over 70,000 likes and has been viewed over 411,000 times. Hundreds of individuals also took the time to leave comments, many of whom found the whole affair humorous. One commenter said that he was wrinkled, and the content was excellent. Another claimed that she was a COVIDICU nurse, and she was dying with this pop culture update.