Man Shows Up In Mother’s Dress To Office Because Wearing Shorts Is Not Allowed

In the scorching heat when the temperatures are touching the sky it is very difficult to wear office attire. Especially for the male population because they have to wear suits and ties. It is suffocating especially for the people who sweat a lot and in summers with the sun directly sitting on our heads. No one particularly likes a heatwave. But what if someone comes up with an epic plan to break the dress code?

There are exceptional cases when you are sitting by a beach with a cool drink in your hand or you are sitting by a seaside. Heatwaves are bearable at parks also when you are wearing tank tops and shorts. But nobody is a fan of heatwaves when in an office wearing your formal attire which consists of a tie and coat as well. On top of everything else, the air conditioners do not work properly.

Joey Barge, a 20-year-old working at a call center in Aylesbury does not have happy memories during the heatwave period. He sweats a lot and has to wear a full suit during scorching heat. What worse is that his female coworkers can wear skirts and half sleeves shirts. He would give anything at this moment to wear shorts during his office hours. Will joey be able to wear shorts during his office hours?

Knowing his office dress code, he knew that he would not be able to wear shorts in office, but still tried. Joey went to his office wearing smart shorts which were going perfectly with his formal shirt. He posted his picture wearing shorts with a caption “If women can wear skirts/dresses at work can I wear smart shorts like so?” But guess what girls are allowed to wear skirts but guys are not allowed to wear shorts in the office.

Less than half an hour, Joey was on his way back to change his shorts since the office dress ethics do not allow you to wear shorts. But Joey was not the one to back down from his request. He had made his mind that he will not go to the office wearing his suit during a heatwave. Joey had no option left but to raid his mother’s wardrobe.

Nobody could have imagined that joey would pull such a stunt but he did. He chose a dress from his mother’s wardrobe and the dress was exactly the length of his shorts. If women are allowed to wear a dress, so this is what Joey will do. Not only he went to the office wearing his mother’s dress but also shared the proof of doing so on social media.

He was doubtful of the outcome but tried this approach as well. Now guess what was the outcome? Joey received an email from his statement that “Due to the extremely warm temperatures currently, it has been agreed that… gentlemen in the office are permitted to wear 3/4 length shorts.” Guess Joey was successful finally.