Man’s Horrifying Halloween Display Results In Police Visiting His Place

Halloween is the time to get spooky and cast a spell on your family and friends. While it is common to notice people giving their house a little spooky makeover but you can land yourself in big trouble if you go over the top and decide on a realistic horrifying decoration. This man had a similar experience when he decided to choose a horrifying display for his house that looked so realistic that it resulted in the police coming to his place several times.


Steven Novak is an artist who revealed that he is not that big a fan of Halloween but loves gore. So, he used Halloween as an opportunity to go over the top and create the most horrifying display of all time at his home in East Dallas.


His scary display featured dead bodies, mutilated limbs, and a lot of blood, so obviously people freaked out when they saw it.

Steven told in an interview, “Anybody that doesn’t look at this and crack up, there’s something wrong with them. The neighbors and kids love it… It’s hilarious. I like seeing the reaction I get out of people.”

He further added that he did not mind upsetting people a little bit. A lady across his street did not like it and he suspected that she was the one who called the police.

One visitor revealed in an interview, the decoration was perfect for Halloween. It was pretty spooky. He first saw it on the internet and it looked real. He believed that if someone does not know what they are looking at, then that person had to do a double-take.

This is not the first time that Steven decorated his house for Halloween, he started doing it in 2014 when his neighbors requested him to do so.

He started with subtle decoration involving ghosts and fog machines but later he evolved his design to this hyperreal scene.

He has scattered horrifying dummies covered in blood across his front garden which are positioned in such a way that they look as if they have suffered a terrifying attack.

One dummy’s head was caved in, while another has a chainsaw sticking out of it and a third is wrapped in bin bags and tape. But he is most proud of the wheelbarrow which is filled with discarded limbs and blood.


He revealed that since he makes all the props at home it gets a little costly for him, especially because of all the fake blood he uses. The trouble aggravates if it rains overnight, then he has to reapply blood every morning.

He told that officers have visited his house several times but he was only home on two of the occasions. However, he said that the officials told him that they thought that the display was cool.

Fortunately for him, despite the complaints, he isn’t deterred from constructing another scene next year.

He confessed that he has more horrific plans for next year.