Man’s Tinder Profile Roasted For Demanding Girls Be 8.5 Or Better

There is always a big difference between being wishful and being extra demanding. Recently, 41-year-old Paul got roasted as he desired unrealistic conditions for any girl to be his girlfriend via dating App Tinder. Paul was so obsessed with himself that his entire Tinder profile boasted about his requirements and unrealistic conditions. He mentioned that he would entertain girls who are 8.5/10 or better.


Selfish about his needs, Paul boasted about himself that he had been intimate with a lot of amazing women in the past and hence he has high standards when it comes to dating. He quoted that he had shared a bed with some of the beautiful women in the world. He further added to his profile that he requires someone wonderful who can keep his attention to her.

Ruthlessly Paul mentioned that an ugly woman is not worth his time. According to him the most important asset that a woman can possess is her looks. He shared that encountering ugly and average-looking women is something he does every day and therefore he wants to find someone extremely beautiful as dating sites has the potential to provide him that. He added, “I’ve had sex with some of the most beautiful women in the world, so I kind of need something nice to keep my attention.”

According to Paul’s beliefs if a woman doesn’t know that her looks are her biggest weapon then she is an idiot and she should start using her looks in her favor. He explained a simple mathematical logic which he believed to be true, he said that an ugly woman is equal to a weak man. Paul was egocentric in describing himself on the dating app. No doubt, fewer or negligible woman was interested in him.

To everyone’s satisfaction, Paul’s profile was shared on Reddit by some random user who used a mocking caption to share the post. The user highlighted, “Paul, a true keeper.” To no one’s doubt, Paul was roasted tremendously on Reddit and other platforms. People ridiculed his self-obsessed behavior and his demeaning nature. Not only was he mean and selfish but also dared to call any woman ugly.

The post was bombarded with negative comments for Paul. People showered him with hate. He was taken by people in a way that he deserved. A person ironically commented that even though the man has shared a bed with the most beautiful women in the world, still couldn’t manage to stick around with any of them and like a loser still yearns desperately for a partner on Tinder, that explains what a man he must be. Many users agreed to what the commenter had said.

Another person shared that all he could come up with while reading the post was to shout at Paul to shut his dirty mouth. Many agreed that Paul deserved the criticism he received on the comment section.