MIL Forgets Woman’s Name Even After 14 Years Of Marriage

The continuing bitter behavior of a mother-in-law can get very annoying. We should give a woman limitless amount of credit for still trying and keeping it up with the mother-in-law’s bad behavior. The mother of two says that even after being married to her husband for 14 years his mother doesn’t seem to remember her name. The mother never made a fuss over the MIL’s “forgetful” behavior but recently after something happened, she was ready to end the marriage.


The couple has two kids together. The mom is 42 and the couple, after being married for so long have lived “minutes away from MIL for almost a decade”. The MIL has a bad habit (or just a bad behavior) that she never remembered the mother’s name. She said that the MIL could not even say her right name while being on the phone with the husband on their anniversary.

She further explained “this has been a continual thing with her. She’s even given my husband’s first wife’s name, as my name to an airline. On the times where she does remember my name in text, she spells it wrong. She didn’t put any effort into calling me by my correct first name, until I started renaming her in text back.”

The family recently moved into a new house. The house is very far away from the mother-in-law’s house. The husband’s family have not ever been that great. The wife was still trying keeping things fine whenever they talked to them. She also said her husband doesn’t even picks up the call when MIL calls to talk to him. She always tries to keep things going by sending the pictures of the kids. She said because she doesn’t have her own mother, she tries to support her husband’s relation as much as she can try.

She became the middleman between the two now, which made things worse. When the MIL had a problem with her son, she took it out on her being “extremely rude and aggressive” as the mother explained. The MIL asks the most inappropriate questions like about their finances and her weight while she was pregnant. She was simply done with her after trying to be civil for so long.

She finally told her husband about how frustrated she was and if the MIL had any problem its his she needs to contact. And if she can’t be kind and respectful to her, she doesn’t need to contact her ever again. Now, she looked for advice asking is she overreacted.

Many people now gave her advices about her situation. Some said if her husband doesn’t want to deal with the MIL, then neither should she try because its his relationship. Some even suggested to tell her husband to deal with it and then block the MIL from everywhere. We think, we can all agree that after 14 years of trying she is done with her part.

She updated everyone by saying that her husband stood up for her. He explained that they are now very happy staying away from her. The MIL never apologized but the mother is relaxed now she knows she never has to deal with her anymore. We now wish her and her family happiness.