Mom Photographs Her Daughter’s Jealous Face Every Year On Sibling’s Birthday

Laura Smythe’s, mother of two daughters, has left people laughing uncontrollably with her photography skills. Her perfectly-timed pictures of her daughter’s ‘jealous’ expression as she saw her sister unbox her birthday presents every year have become very trendy on the internet.


Laura first captured daughter Isla’s look of resentment when she was just three years old, as her baby sister Kiri, then one, opened up her presents. Five years later, mum Laura and dad James were able to click green-eyed Isla giving burning looks while her sister’s presents were unwrapped every birthday.

In one photo, the toddler seemed to go bananas in Peppa Pig pajamas, while in the most recent picture an eight years old Isla sadly looking on at her sister’s collection of presents.

Laura, 34, uploaded the pictures online where she received mixed reactions from people. Some called it ‘cruel’. She said that she has saved the precious images until Isla turns 18 years old. This unique tradition was much-loved activity by family and friends.


Laura, from Whittlesey Cambridgeshire, said that it made her laugh every year. Without any fail, they would always get a glimpse of the jealous face of her eldest. It has almost become more of a tradition than the actual birthday itself.

She explained the whole story from the start. It started when Isla was three and Kiri would have been one. Laura and her husband were taking pictures and because she was younger, she made a lot of noise while throwing a tantrum. To them it was funny so they took a snap of it.

They sat with her afterward and patiently made her understand that she would get her day. but it still kept happening and it had to get to the point where they sit and wait for her reaction. Laura said that if they couldn’t have a laugh and a joke, especially in these times, they would all be miserable and she did not have time for that.

The couple said that even though their daughter said that she wouldn’t get caught making that face, they were still able to get a perfect snap. Each year Laura and scientific consumables sales manager husband James, also 34, warned Isla that they would be taking the shot.

Nine times out of 10 James was the one behind the camera. One of them had to take photos of whoever is unwrapping the present and one of them had to be on photos of Isla to make sure they get it.

She further told that she has got two younger ones who were four and three years old and she was waiting for them to start doing it too. However, it does not happen the other way around. Kiri did not care and would be like ‘open this one, but Isla would sit in the background and just watch.

She does play but has that moment where she wished to open the presents for herself.