Mom Shared Genius Parenting ‘Hack’ To Stop Kids From Begging For Toys

Between Christmas and birthdays, there’s always a reason to keep our wish lists going. Shopping for your wish lists for the holiday season with your kids will always come with a challenge of leaving the toys’ aisles unscathed. Luckily this mom shows us a simple hack to make your kids put those toys back on the shelf and leave with happy faces.


This Mom from Washington State shared her ‘hack’ on Facebook and told us all you have to do to avoid the “I want a toy!” tantrum is simply clicking a picture. Other than the photo roll full of toy pictures, this hack makes shopping with kids a breeze.

Kristina Watts recently went viral after she shared a post on Facebook over her discovery of this awesome parenting ‘hack’, which is nothing but just creating a photo wish list. She stated that her daughter Emerson begged for toys each year around holiday time. She said in her post that whenever her daughter Emerson spotted a toy, she would beg Kristina to buy it for her.

Kristina the clever parent she was, had a very unique ‘hack’ to get her daughter to stop being so stubborn for the toys and let her shop in peace. She shared: “The next time you find yourself it in the middle of a store, as your kid carries some toys they just have to have, just breathe and then, snap a photo.” She continued “pause for a second, comment on the thing they are pointing out and say, ‘let’s take a picture with it and send it to Santa so he knows you want it!”

Once again my camera roll is FULL of pictures of Emerson with every single thing she wants for Christmas. Why…because…

Posted by Kristina Watts on Sunday, November 17, 2019

This action of Kristina defuses things quite a bit as she acknowledges her kid’s excitement instead of just straight away saying no. She explained, “Emimie, her daughter smiles magically, and asks her to take a picture and herself puts down the toy and walks away. She forgets about all of them within minutes.”

This trick has been liked by so many parents that more than 30K people have already shared her post, and more than 5K left comments praising the mom or tagging their friends to share the great tip to be used in the future.

One person wrote,” Such a good idea!” Some said. “So Smart!” Another mother also stated that the trick works totally magically her daughter doesn’t ask for things now she just asks her to take pictures that’s it. The trick works as a charm for all parents all the year round. This trick also helps the parents recall what their kids liked and makes it easy for them to remember when it comes to shop for gifts for them. We hope Kristiana invents more such hacks and helps everyone like she did this time.