Mom Went On Cleaning Strike After Her Family Pushed Her Too Far

Managing the household chores is a wholesome task and a mother bails on doing it after she got frustrated with her family. She gave up on cleaning the dishes, washing the clothes and even changing the loo rolls in the loo. When none of the family members tried to do the chores, it broke her heart. But at last, a ray of hope shined when someone loaded the dishwasher after several hard days.


One day, a woman named Miss Potkin decided to see what would happen if she stopped all the cleaning. The results were spectacularly heart-shattering. She claimed that she does all the cleaning by herself and now she was weary of doing all these chores single-handedly. Since she left the work, there were huge piles of dishes lying unwashed. She declared that the family members were going to run out of spoons, bowls and plates eventually. She was certain that she is not going to blink this time.

Updating her post, Miss Potkin revealed that by the end of the third day, all the utensils were used, and no one has considered washing the dishes, even for once. Fortunately, later that day, she saw that someone emptied the bin. It was indeed a victory for her. But the happiness was short-lived as her partner was then seen making a cup of tea with “the baby’s weaning spoon and the emergency cup.”

Next, Miss Potkin turned her attention to the laundry and shared photographs of different piles of clothes lying unwashed in her home. She asserted that it was getting “post-apocalyptic.” The piles were all over. Hysterically, she claimed, whoever has ever lived in university residence halls or in house-shares of all kinds can picture the scene. She was precise enough to report the next incident. She posted that last night at 7 pm, the last loo roll on the loo downstairs was used. And no one bothered to change it.

This made the downstairs loo dysfunctional, and everyone started using the other one. It seemed that all hope was lost at that point, especially when she discovered that several empty shampoo bottles still sit next to the bathroom. According to her, however, everything begins to change when a member of the family learns how hard it is to scrape more than one day’s cereal into a bin.

In frustration she exclaimed that it takes 27 seconds of attempting to scrape the bowl, then multiply it by six and then multiply it by seven, and then subtract the amount of impact it has upon me. She blabbered continuously until she saw a magical activity. Someone has loaded the dishwasher and Miss Potkin jumped in joy. All her efforts finally got repaid.