Mother Got Infuriated When Ex-Husband Fed Chicken Nuggets To Their Vegan Daughter

It was all about an argument between a mother and her ex-husband who fed their vegan daughter with chicken nuggets. The man was vegan before the couple was even together so the woman had to become vegan in order to suit her partner. The two collectively decided to raise their child as vegan. But one day the father fed their vegan daughter with chicken nuggets and the mother was unaware of it.


In today’s time, everyone has a right to decide what is good for them. People believe to be the best of their version and that’s the reason many choose their own diet and lifestyle. They go for what satisfies them and prefer living life in their own ways. Some people choose to be vegan; some prefer eating only fish while others consume meat products daily for all their meals. Although grown-ups have enough freedom to choose what they think will be good for them, children are most likely to follow their parents until they are bit older to make their own decisions.

Adding more to it, co-parenting can make the child’s diet even more challenging and troublesome. It can prove to be a major hindrance that could land the parents in trouble! Something similar happened between a couple that was together until they were divorced around 15 months ago. They had a daughter whom they collectively decided to be co-parents to. The mother wasn’t a vegan until the two moved in together. In order to suit her ex-partner, she decided to be vegan and both of them opted to raise their child as vegan.

The couple wanted their child to be vegan as that aligned with their belief system. Both of them were following the same diet and lifestyle so it was easier for them to fit her in with their own way of living until they split up.After the two were divorced, they were doing their best as co-parents and the mother believed that all the decisions regarding their daughter were made together. But that wasn’t true! One day the mother was picking up her daughter from her ex-partner’s house. She was hungry and refused the apple that the mother offered. Instead, she started demanding chicken nuggets!

The mother was shocked to hear her daughter. Her mind was blown away. Even after reaching home, her daughter was screaming and howling in want of chicken nuggets. The mother didn’t approve of her behavior. She wasn’t mad at her daughter for wanting chicken rather she was furious to know why her ex-partner took that decision of letting her eat chicken. She felt annoyed as it was something she should have been informed of. As her daughter went to bed, the mother called her ex-partner to understand what was happening.

Her ex-partner said he didn’t tell her as she would be anxious and might overreact. The mother complained that he could feed her with the vegan options available at McDonald’s but he didn’t. Later she said she was controlling and was trying not to be privy about things her daughter did when she used to be with him. The mother was confused with her response so she posted the story online. People shared mixed views. Some told her mother to stop controlling her daughter’s diet while some agreed that the decision should have been made together.