Mother-In-Law Tags Woman Too Proud To Give Up Her Career For Kids

Cooperating and adjusting with your partner is important but their family is more important. But some things are between the couple like family planning. A couple should get pregnant when they feel they are ready for the responsibilities. But one mother-in-law thinks that her daughter-in-law is too proud to give up her career and birth kids.


Parenting is not an easy job, one has to be emotionally and mentally to take up the job. And one mother-in-law does not understand this. Frustrated by her mother-in-law a woman shared her story on Reddit. The woman thinks that the biggest mistake in her life is that she had her mother-in-law with her during the pandemic.

Though her mother-in-law was friendly with her initially she has no clue what changed. The woman shared that she had been married for a year now. But was in a relationship with her partner for 9 years. She shared “Bear in mind I’ve been dating my husband for nine years and my BILs only been with his girlfriend a year and none of us knew her beforehand.”

She also shared that she is an atheist and her husband’s family is catholic, “But that doesn’t tend to affect things as his family doesn’t go to church, not even at Christmas, they just seem to hold those views.” She came back home with a lot of pain and cramps because she has endometriosis. So she came home and her husband gave her some medicines and she lied down to take a nap.

She shared what happened next and wrote: “I woke up about an hour later to shouting.” She woke and heard properly and got to know that it was her mother-in-law in a shouting match with her husband saying nasty things about her like “I was being lazy and how God is disappointed in him for choosing a terrible wife.” She thinks I shouldn’t be working now and should get pregnant.

She shared that her husband tried to make his mother understand what had happened but she was not ready to listen. She shared “When my husband pointed out I have endometriosis and was in pain so needed some rest, she told him that I was faking it and that there’s no such thing because she’s never had period pain.”

She was furious with her mother-in-law, that she packed her bags and asked her to leave. Though she pays the majority of the expenses, she knows that the house belongs to both of them. Though her husband thinks that she went too far and she is receiving abusive texts from her family. He stood on her ground.

She further shared that: “I’m really sensitive due to my endometriosis because I had a miscarriage last year which his mother knows about and at the time accused me of murdering my husband’s child.” Because it is tough for her husband because his family is very close, the couple is talking way through everything to come on a middle ground.

She is happy that her husband put her first, considering her mother’s wrong accusations and her hormonal changes. She is trying to cope up with the toxic situation which is mentally exhausting.