Nursery Worker Slammed For Snide Remark About Working Mom

A working mom received a mean comment from son’s nursery worker as she went to pick him up. Her husband decided to take matters into his own hands and slammed the worker for her mean remark which was uncalled for.


A woman went to collect her son from his nursery when a member of the staff made a snide comment on her. When he got to know about the snide comment he slammed the staff member. The husband shared that they have two kids and one of them is nursery age. He works for a typical 9-5 job whereas his wife works for longer hours as she is a doctor with less free time on her hands.

Because of the global pandemic, the three-old was still attending the nursery and his father used to drop him and pick him from the nursery every day. Because his wife is a doctor she had been busier than ever. But one day she was off duty and used the rare opportunity to pick her son from the nursery. The staff members and other parents know her despite her being busy in saving the lives of people.

But when she came home in tears he knew something was wrong. The wife shared with her husband that a new staff member did not believe her that she was the mother and was not letting their son go with them. Despite their son calling her mother and other staff members telling that she is indeed the mother of the child. After many requests from her and the other members of the staff, the new member reluctantly agreed to send their son with her mother.

But the last comment made by the staff member left the mother in tears and father fuming. She said: “Maybe if you were here more often, I wouldn’t have to verify your identity.” The father wanted to take any action against the staff member while the mother just wants to forget the whole episode. The father shared “I am very angry so the next day I picked up my son and asked to speak the woman in charge about the new worker.”

He further wrote: “She wasn’t there when it happened but I complained and said that how my wife was treated was ridiculous and that the coworker was out of line for her snide comment at the end. The woman wasn’t happy and I’ve now learnt the new worker has been given a severe warning and that her behaviour is being watched.”

His wife was not happy with the decision he took. She just wanted the whole thing to go away. While some of the parents agreed with the husband some believed that he shouldn’t have interfered in the matter. Readers reading the story replied “How dare she shame your wife for being a working mom, especially during a pandemic!” Another wrote: “Too many people shaming working mothers.” We need to learn to respect everyone.