Parents Accuse Teacher With Pink Hair For Hypocrisy Who Punished Their Kid For “Inappropriate” Haircut

Schools aim at inculcating discipline in the children. There are rules which need to be followed but at times, disagreements arise between parents and teachers around a rule. This is what happened when a 7-year-old faced detention for an “inappropriate” haircut.

Students have to follow some stern rules at school. There is a strict uniform code for all the children. The hair should look decent which means that the students’ haircut needs to be checked regularly. This is where Lucian Smith, 7, had to face some consequences for his haircut.

When a teacher preaches the students about anything, the teacher needs to follow that too. However, this wasn’t the case here according to Lucian’s parents.

Lucian received punishment for coming to school with “styled hair”. The twist here was that the headteacher who ordered Lucian’s detention had her hair dyed pink. This infuriated the parents!

According to this teacher of Templars Academy, Lucian’s haircut is “banned” in school. The lines shaved in his hair did not fit with the rules of the school code.

The parents, Darren Smith and Stephanie Harman expected that Lucian’s hair would not look like this when the Easter break got over. But they were wrong and the teacher pointed him out.

Darren and Stephanie came to know that Lucian had to stay alone during the break time. This kind of punishment irritated them. Their annoyance increased when they were enlightened by the fact that the teacher who put Lucian in this situation had “pink hair”. She did not seem to follow the rules herself!

Darren expressed, “We’re not judgemental people and couldn’t give a monkey’s what colour people choose to dye their hair. But if you take on a job as a teacher, you become a big influence and you have to take responsibility for your own rules.”

He had a furious state of mind on knowing this and wished that the teachers stick to their teachings or else find themselves at the target of hypocrisy.

Despite changing his hair after this notice, the school authorities seemed unimpressed. His dad further stated, “It’s not fair to treat a seven-year-old child in this way, it’s our responsibility not his and he’s been left with this weighing on his shoulders.”

As much as it is important to lay down strict rules for students, it is equally crucial for the teachers to understand them. The school is where the children learn and teachers influence them in many ways!